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100% pure & natural organically grown  with no chemicals or preservatives just pure whole leaf aloe vera powder for hair and skin. Vegan.

Adds moisture to dry dull hair leaving your hair moisturized conditioned and shining.

Gives relief to dry itchy flaky scalp preventing dandruff to stimulate natural hair growth.

Rich in amino acids, enzymes and vitamins A, F, C and B aloe vera will add moisture to dry chapped skin leaving it supple and moisturised.  A moisturiser that will restore skin’s elasticity and helps to slow down fine lines and wrinkles for premature aging skin. A great addition to beauty skincare face mask.

Natural antiseptics contained in aloe vera aids healing of problem skin, acne and scars.

Add a little aloe vera powder to your normal face powder to make your own enriched aloe vera face powder for added protection in the sun

Full plant power aloevera fights all bacteria, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral with cooling soothing properties that helps to cool and soothe:

  • minor burns
  • sunburns
  • post aftershave stings
  • insect bites

Organic Aloe Powder

PriceFrom $67.00

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